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Wallwood Broker Review:

Wallwood Broker is an offshore broker that claims to be FCA regulated. It also says that it is one of the most innovative brokers in the market. Although, all of these claims proved to be false and Wallwood Broker suspected it to be just another scam. The broker is virtually anonymous and has
also been blacklisted by various financial authorities in Italy. Wallwood Broker is presented in the blacklist of CONSOB, the Italian financial watchdog.
CONSOB warned the public that Wallwood Broker is unlicensed and risky to invest with.

Wallwood Broker has no section of their Terms and Conditions anywhere on their site, and even they do not make to check any box that you agree
with the company’s terms in the account registration process. This speaks much about the broker’s complete lack of reliability and professionalism. Wallwood Broker claims to provide an MT4 web trading platform but when you sign in you will be offered an oversimplified web trading platform. The broker claims to offer spreads starting from 0.7 pips and the leverage offered is 1:300. The minimum deposit requirement with Wallwood Broker is 500 dollars which is several times higher than the industry average. Considering all these things Wallwood broker doesn’t seem a legit broker.

Many people have reported that they had trouble dealing with Wallwood Broker . If you had a bad experience or feel that you Have you been scammed by the broker Wallwood Broker and lost your money to them you can report then as a fraud broker? Your chance to get a refund can be high if you fit the criteria. A number of unregulated brokers such as Wallwood Broker have been reported to us and we do our very best to provide you with the right solution. Broker Dispute helps victims of scam brokers to fight back and get their lost money back from fraud brokers.

To start your process if your fund recovery please Click ‘File a complaint’ button above to take your first step towards recovering your lost money to Wallwood Broker fraud broker or fill the complaint form above..

Based on our experience we do not recommend to trade with Wallwood Broker since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Our team of experts at Broker Dispute will help you resolve your case and solve your fund recovery via the right solution for you. If you still have funds with the broker please ask to withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them. Check the following listed activities of a scam broker. If you believe that you have experienced any of these activities contact us today as chances are you have been scammed by Wallwood Broker.

Signs You Have Been Scammed:

• The broker blocked your trading account
• The broker froze your trading account all of a sudden
• Funds have been deducted or taken from your account without your knowledge
• The broker’s website I no longer online or is blocked from your location or IP
• You call the broker via phone and no one answers your calls or keep you on hold forever
• The broker asked you to activated an online sharing screen and steals money from your account
• The broker repeatedly asks you to deposit more money with guaranteed unbelievably high returns
• The brokers ask you to pay via bitcoin and you never hear from them again
• The broker contacts you via social media out of the bloom
• The broker address location is not a real office
• The broker has bad reviews about them online
• The broker asks you to pay a high tax to withdraw your money
• The broker is shown on financial regulators websites with a trading warning.
• The broker promises you you will make 1000% on your deposit.

A scam can be done when a broker takes your money through unfair means and therefore there can be many more ways to scam innocent traders. Do not give up if you were scammed by Wallwood Broker. We will help you to get your lost amount refunded. Please fill the form after you click the ‘File a complaint’ button above and our experts will contact you and help you to start the process of your fund recovery. 

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