How to File a Complaint

How to File a Complaint

We’re often told not to complain. However, those of us who lost money in a broker scam or a crypto scam can’t complain soon enough or loudly enough. However, it isn’t enough to complain hard, but to complain smart. Having a strategy is as important as making sure your voice is heard. 

There are various stages in filing a complaint. The first is to let the payment platform, the exchange, or the regulator know that you lost money to a broker scam or a forex scam. After that, collect documents, seek expert fund recovery consultation, and collect evidence that will bolster your case.

Fund Recovery: Time Is of the Essence

In the case of fund recovery, and particularly crypto recovery, time is of the essence. People who have stolen your funds obviously want to get away with their crime. This means that after absconding with your money they’ll launder funds or hide them so they can’t be traced. 

On the blockchain, this can be particularly severe. Before you realize you’re dealing with fraud, your funds could have been forwarded to a number of anonymous bitcoin wallets and cashed out on an exchange in a faraway country. 

For all of these reasons, it’s important to act promptly when you discover you’ve lost money in a crypto scam before the criminals can get too far in the fund-hiding and money laundering process. 

If you are dealing with a credit card chargeback, it’s also worthwhile to file a complaint promptly, even if you’re given a deadline of several weeks to make a claim. However, filing a complaint isn’t enough–you’ll need documentation and evidence to convince the issuing bank or payment platform that you should be entitled to a chargeback.

Broker Scams: When It Can Pay to Complain

Even though we may be familiar with the Latin expression caveat emptor, “Let the buyer beware,” that doesn’t mean the scam brokers should get away with ripping people off. Even if we may feel embarrassed if we’re the target of the scam, it’s not entirely our fault.  It’s against the law to trick people out of their money. 

The first question may be who to complain to? One advantage of working only with a regulated broker is that if something goes wrong, we can always let the regulator know. A regulator can investigate the matter, suspend or revoke a license or take other serious actions. 

However, unfortunately, and not surprisingly, most scam brokers aren’t licensed and they don’t have regulators who oversee them. However, it’s important to complain to the SEC and the authorities about scam brokers. To do so, you should have a well-crafted report and a strategy to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves.

Create a Paper or Digital Trail

If you want your complaint to be taken seriously, gather documents and look through your emails and texts for copies of communications. It’s also a good idea to download transaction reports and bank statements to show the path of the money. Any information you can find about the broker may be useful when putting together a case.

Reporting Broker Scams

When reporting a broker scam, Broker Dispute can help you with the fund recovery process. We have extensive experience dealing with fund recovery efforts and have a strong working relationship with banks, regulators, and government agencies. Banks aren’t just going to grant a credit card chargeback because a customer requests one. Instead, they want proof that the broker is a forex scam. Our experts create reports that will convince issuing banks to approve chargebacks or freeze accounts to prevent our funds from disappearing.

How to Report Crypto Scams

Crypto scams can be complex. That’s why it’s important to have Broker Dispute experts on your side to investigate your case. Crypto recovery requires in-depth investigation and crypto reports that will unmask the identities behind crypto scams. We use advanced technology and crypto forensics techniques to track down your funds from the moment they left your bitcoin wallet to the second they were cashed out on an exchange. 

These crypto reports are essential tools for law enforcement to pursue your case. They give the authorities leads and make it easier for them to identify the locations of your funds.

Don’t Go It Alone! Broker Dispute Will Help You File a Complaint

Broker Dispute professionals are the people to contact if you suspect you’re dealing with a scam broker or another type of fraud. We have the expertise and the technical solutions to unmask information about crypto scams. We will launch an investigation and create a report that will boost your claim and assist you with fund recovery.