Crypto Trace

Crypto Trace

If you are one of the thousands of people who have lost money to crypto scams,  you may know that you need crypto trace services. However, you may feel skeptical about the concept of a crypto trace service. After all, how can they track down wallets that are anonymous? How does crypto recovery work on the blockchain, where no transaction can be canceled? 

Also, it’s possible that something masquerading as the best crypto recovery service may turn out to be nothing more than another scam. Imagine the betrayal of being ripped off by the very people who are promising to help you with crypto trace services? 

Where can you turn if you’ve been robbed by a bitcoin scam? Just as you need to do thorough research before opening an account with an online broker or purchasing a crypto wallet, it’s also essential to know your crypto trace service before signing up.

What is Crypto Trace?

You may see advertisements everywhere touting the best crypto trace service. Just a few years ago, there were only one or two companies in this sector, but now there are so many. Just as the number of bitcoin scams outnumber legitimate blockchain services, the same is true of stolen crypto recovery services. 

Fake crypto recovery services will claim to get your money back for a fee. They may simply disappear with the funds. Now you’ve not only lost money to a crypto scam, but you have been robbed by a fake crypto recovery outfit. 

What sets the best crypto trace service from second-rate operations or fund recovery frauds? Crypto investigation. 

Crypto trace investigation not only provides value, but is an essential tool to locate lost funds. A thorough investigation and a report summarizing these findings will give law enforcement and regulators and exchanges the leads they need to clamp down on crypto scams and punish those responsible. They are the first step towards successful crypto recovery.

What Do Crypto Trace Services Include?

Crypto investigation services involve several steps. 

    • Consultation
    • Information gathering
    • Crypto investigation
    • Investigation reports

A crypto trace investigation begins with a client. When stolen crypto recovery services meet with clients, they get a full picture of the case and will better understand how to approach the investigation. They will ask for documentation and copies of communication with the bitcoin scam. This will provide essential clues to begin the investigation. 

The best crypto trace services use cutting-edge technology, proprietary databases and bitcoin forensic techniques to find patterns on the blockchain. They may see suspicious activity from certain bitcoin wallets and trace the path of funds to the cash-out point. That is where they can find evidence pointing towards persons of interest. Following the investigation, the crypto trace service will create reports that can be presented to authorities.

What Is the Link Between Crypto Trace Services and Crypto Recovery?

The crucial link between the crypto trace investigation and actual crypto recovery is the crypto investigation report. This is a summation of the findings following an investigation and is a crucial tool that can help law enforcement track down the cyber criminals. The investigation report is the basis for subpoenas of exchanges to find out proof that a suspect stole cryptocurrency. They can make the difference between recovering stolen cryptocurrency and a claim that remains at the bottom of the pile.

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Broker Dispute professionals are the people to contact if you suspect you’re dealing with a scam broker or another type of fraud. We have the expertise and the technical solution to unmask information about crypto scams. We will launch an investigation and create a report that will boost your claim and assist you with fund recovery.