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Cryptocurrency Scam Brokers 2020

Have you been a victim of a Cryptocurrency Scam​? We know how you feel. You’re confused. You don’t know who to trust. You don’t know what to do. So first and foremost, don’t give up. Fight back. If you are a victim of Crypto or any Bitcoin scam scam contact us today!

Scam Forex Broker Complaint & Binary Options Fraud

File a broker complaint today! If your funds were stolen by an online binary options scam broker, CFD, cryptocurrency or forex fraud broker that was masquerading as a brokerage, we can advise you what to do and with whom to consult in order to retrieve your money.

Fight Online Scammers encourages you to fight back against scam brokers. It’s certainly worth the effort. Don’t let the bad guys win by standing still. If we can help you – we will! Feel free to call us now: +442036080829. Together we can fight!

Victims Of Crypto, Binary Options, Forex Broker Scams?


Manual review of all complaints. We’ll see how to best direct you towards regulatory agencies, law enforcement, legal networks and other victims battling the same broker.

The FBI estimates that the scammers steal $10 billion annually worldwide. £87,410 is lost to binary options fraud every day in the UK

If you think you’ve been victimized, do not hesitate to contact us. With a good deal of experience, we can direct you based on your story and your given circumstances. At least know your options.

Some European countries report that binary options fraud complaints now constitute 25% of all the fraud complaints received. Belgium, Canada, France, and Israel have all banned binary options trading within their borders.


Victims of brokers usually are confronting very similar problems.  They may be unable to withdraw funds, they may find their account balance at zero after all of their funds were traded away by the account manager, they may have been given intentionally bad advise. Get help! — we assist people daily to navigate through this process.


I understood after reading online reviews that my binary options broker was listed as a dangerous person who had caused of alot of complaints against him. He refused to withdraw my investment after numerous attempts. I have almost given up. This community can help, it gives hope.
Gerald N
Global Options Star

Fund recovery options can include legal services, chargebacks, recalls, mediation, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.  Depending on your case, the community can help guide you in the right direction.

Fight Back Against Scammers

Issue a complaint and get back on your feet.