Fund Recovery Services

If you’ve lost money to a crypto scam or a fraudulent forex broker, don’t give up hope. One of the most tragic consequences of frauds is that they often rob victims not only of their money but of hope. Millions of people lose money to crypto scams and unregulated online brokers every year, yet a small fraction of them pursue fund recovery. 

It’s important to understand that no fund recovery service can give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll recover every penny. However, not seeking fund recovery services means you’ll be deprived of 100%  of the money you lost and that your money will unfairly stay with the scammers. 

Don’t let that happen. Find out what you can do to get started with fund recovery. Broker Dispute experts will ensure that your case is strong enough to get the attention of banks, law enforcement and regulators. With our thorough fraud investigation reports, you can increase the chances of a successful outcome for your claim.

What Is Fund Recovery?

Fund recovery, as the name suggests, is getting your money back from a fraudulent broker or merchant or tracking down stolen cryptocurrency on the blockchain and successfully retrieving it. 

There are many ways of doing this. The approach depends on the payment method and the type of company you are dealing with. We will consult with you, investigate your case, create a report and give you a strategy for fund recovery that will help you regain your funds.

Types of Fund Recovery

The following are the most common types of fund recovery:

Bank Wire Recall

With the proliferation of payment methods, it’s interesting how often fund recovery deals with traditional bank wire recalls. For larger amounts of money, people still feel safer doing bank wire transfers. That can be good news in the sense that, since so much information is required for bank transfers, these transactions have a lot of transparency. 

Unlike the blockchain, we can see exactly who sent the money, where they are located and from which account and bank. However the challenge is convincing the bank that the other party is fraudulent and persuading them to freeze the account or to recall the transaction. 

Once transactions go through, it’s hard to reverse them. However, since bank transfers, particularly of large amounts, often don’t go through instantly, the delay can buy people time for fund recovery efforts. Even after the money has ended up in the recipient accounts, reports can be sent to the bank as evidence that the other party is fraudulent and that funds should be returned to the sender. 


Chargebacks are a reversal of credit card transactions. They are sent back to the original sender. This can be done easily if the sender can prove the transaction was unauthorized. 

However, the issuing bank may be more reluctant to automatically reverse charges if the sender authorized the transaction. Even if the other party may be fraudulent, if the sender knowingly sent the money, the chargeback request is considered a dispute resolution instead of a chargeback. The issuing bank will hear both sides and make a decision regarding the chargeback. 

What Is Chargeback Fraud? 

Contrary to popular belief, chargeback fraud doesn’t mean a fraudulent charge, or a recipient cheating the sender. Instead, the customer who buys something from the merchant can commit fraud. They may keep an item they purchased and yet demand a chargeback.

This is cyber shoplifting. Because of the prevalence of chargeback fraud, credit card companies are more cautious about granting chargebacks. That means fraud victims have to work harder to convince issuing banks that their claim is legitimate

Return Item Chargebacks

Return item chargebacks involve sending the item back to the merchant and receiving your money back. If you’ve returned the item, but haven’t gotten a refund, that’s a reason to file a complaint and start the dispute process. 

The Paypal chargeback process is similar to credit card chargeback. However, instead of the issuing bank, both the merchant and the customer make their case to Paypal’s dispute resolution department. Each side will provide evidence and be able to make their case.

Venmo and Zelle are a quick and convenient way to pay for items or send money, but Zelle chargebacks can be tricky. You can’t reverse a payment on these platforms if they’ve already gone through. If you accidentally sent money to an non-existent account, however, you can reverse it. 

That’s the one reason Zelle attracts so many Zelle scams. People will try to trick others into sending money to them, knowing that transactions can’t be reversed. They can then disappear with the funds. However, if you paid with a debit or credit card through Zelle or Venmo, you can get a credit card chargeback through your issuing bank. 

In the strictest sense of the word, we can’t get a bitcoin chargeback. This is because no transactions on the blockchain can be reversed. Once you send money to an anonymous bitcoin wallet, that transaction is there forever. There is also no third party on the blockchain, and as of now, the blockchain isn’t regulated. That means no third party can rule that one party has to refund money to the sender.

However, that doesn’t mean trying to get money back from a crypto scam is a lost cause. Far from it. Bitcoin recovery can be successful and more and more money is being retrieved from bitcoin scams every day. 

However, it can’t be denied that crypto recovery is more complicated than credit card chargebacks. That’s why you need experts on your side to help you with crypto investigation. 

The Crypto Recovery Process

Broker Dispute will give you a roadmap to help you succeed in the crypto recovery process:

  • Consultation
  • Documentation
  • Crypto investigation
  • Crypto reports
  • Strategy mapping and support

Following an initial consultation, we’ll gather information from you and organize documentation in a way that will reveal the path towards crypto recovery. Through our advanced technology and bitcoin forensics expertise, we can uncover names, addresses and other information of scammers hiding on the blockchain. 

After our investigation, we’ll draft crypto reports that you can bring to law enforcement to bolster your case. Broker Dispute will map out a strategy and support you through the fund recovery process.

Have You Lost Money to a Broker Scam? Talk to Us?

Broker Dispute professionals are the people to contact if you suspect you’re dealing with a scam broker or another type of fraud. We have the expertise and the technical solution to unmask information about crypto scams. We will launch an investigation and create a report that will boost your claim and assist you with fund recovery.