Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get a Chargeback Even if I Authorized the Payment?

Yes. However, when making a chargeback claim, it’s important to understand the difference between a fraud claim and a dispute. If you notice unauthorized transactions on your credit card, file a fraud claim. However, if you suspect a broker or merchant is a scam, you’ll need to request a chargeback in the dispute category. This involves presenting your case to the issuing bank and they will also ask the other side to make their case. The issuing bank will make the final decision about whether to grant the chargeback.

When Is It Too Late for a Fund Recovery Claim?

One reason many people don’t file fund recovery claims even though they’ve been the victims of fraud is that they’ve told themselves it’s too late. Although it’s true that banks and credit cards have deadlines for filing these claims, fund recovery experts know that these deadlines can be extended. The 120 days is often not the final limit, but in many cases, this can be extended to 540 days. Sometimes, cases can go on for some time and new evidence can shed light on a criminal fraud case. It’s always worth filing a claim.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Fund Recovery?

Knowing the fund recovery rules and regulations of each payment type–credit cards, Paypal, banks and crypto exchanges is the first step. Secondly, be prompt in contacting Broker Dispute and getting them started on your case. Third, have all of the documents ready. This includes account details, copies of communication with the suspected fraud, and other essential information.

What Are My Chances of Getting My Funds Back?

Although no fund recovery service can guarantee every client that they will receive 100% of their funds back in a short space of time, in most cases, there is usually the hope of at least some level of fund recovery. The chances of getting your money back may vary according to the type of scam, how long ago you lost your funds, which payment type you used, and whether you have seasoned fund recovery experts on your side.

Is Crypto Recovery Possible?

There is a common misconception that you can’t get money back from crypto scams. Unlike banks and credit cards, there are no names on bitcoin wallets. The blockchain is anonymous, therefore, it’s understandable that some people are skeptical about crypto recovery. However, look at the headlines and you’ll see there are many cases of crypto scam victims receiving their funds back. Thanks to advanced technology and greater awareness of crypto scams among law enforcement, crypto recovery is possible.

How Do You Identify People Behind Crypto Scams on the Blockchain? 

If the blockchain is anonymous, how do crypto recovery experts find the people who run the crypto scam? Broker Dispute professionals use technology that is usually available only to government agencies. They trace the transactions on the blockchain from the first payment to the wallet that cashed out the funds. Through bitcoin forensics, they can discover and pinpoint the identities of cybercriminals. The findings are summarized in a crypto report that can be presented to law enforcement agencies.

How Do I Get Started with Fund Recovery

The best way to get started with fund recovery is to look for the best fund recovery service. Few fraud victims have the time or expertise to pursue lost funds on their own. Broker Dispute will consult with you and request documentation and information to aid in the investigation. We have extensive experience with banks and law enforcement globally. Our crypto trace technology will unmask the identities of people behind crypto scams.