Trade Market Pro broker Review


Trade Market Pro is a forex and CFD broker that claims to offer a variety of trading instruments, platforms and account types. However, before you decide to invest with this broker, you should be aware of some red flags that indicate that Trade Market Pro is not a reliable or trustworthy broker.

First of all, Trade Market Pro is not regulated by any reputable financial authority. The broker claims to be based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious offshore jurisdiction that does not have any strict rules or oversight for forex brokers. This means that Trade Market Pro can operate without any transparency, accountability or protection for its clients’ funds.

Secondly, Trade Market Pro has a very negative reputation among online traders. There are numerous complaints and warnings about this broker on various forums and websites, such as Many traders have reported that Trade Market Pro is involved in fraudulent activities, such as manipulating prices, refusing to process withdrawals, closing accounts without reason, and even stealing money from clients’ accounts.

Thirdly, Trade Market Pro offers very unfavorable trading conditions for its clients. The broker has very high spreads and commissions, which can significantly reduce your profits. The broker also has very low leverage, which can limit your trading potential. Moreover, the broker does not provide any educational or analytical tools, customer support or security features that would enhance your trading experience.

In conclusion, Trade Market Pro is a broker that you should avoid at all costs. The broker is unregulated, unprofessional and unethical. The broker has a history of scamming and cheating its clients. The broker does not offer any competitive or fair trading conditions for its clients. Therefore, we do not recommend Trade Market Pro as a suitable broker for your trading needs.

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Trade Market Pro?

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