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Is TOPTRADEPRO a scam broker?


TopTradePro is one of the latest entrants in the trading scene that opened its gates to the investors in February 2019. It is another unregulated CFD broker that offers its customers a wide range of trading options including stocks, forex, commodities and indices. In this review, we’ll find out whether TopTradePro is a legitimate broker or a scam. Read the entire article to find out the facts.

About TopTradePro

TopTradePro is owned and operated by Ideas in Motion LTD based in Majuro, Marshall Islands. The CFD broker offers its customers with six different types of accounts, including:

offers investors with five different trading accounts to choose from including:

  • Basic                      –         $250             Minimum Deposit
  • Bronze                   –         $1000           Minimum Deposit
  • Silver                     –         $2,500          Minimum Deposit
  • Gold                       –         $10,000        Minimum Deposit
  • Platinum                –         $25.000        Minimum Deposit
  • Black                      –         $1,00.000     Minimum Deposit

All these account types come with 24/5 customer support along with price alerts, PRO webinars, and daily market reviews for investors. Except for the basic account, all other account types get to have an intro session with an expert in this field of trading.

TopTradePro offers its customers with a web-based trading Active8 platform, that is also available for iOS and Android phones for people looking to trade while on the move. The minimum deposit for opening an account is $250, which is quite nominal with these brokerage firms. But one thing that casts some doubt on our minds is that that there is no specific information provided about the spread or the leverage amount.

Another aspect of TopTradePro is that it doesn’t offer any demo account for users. It literally means that we cannot test the platform and only need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to get to know about the platform. This is a major disadvantage as a demo account will help investors to get to know more about the platform, its trading options etc. the web-based trading platform comes with decent charting tools and technical indicators. Since it is a web-based platform, users don’t need to download any software to start trading with TopTradePro.

Is TopTradePro Legit or Scam?

With this, we come to the end of this article, and we might conclude that it is not advisable to go with any unregulated brokers and TopTradePro is one of them. So, if you are willing to take risks and test the waters out there with TopTradePro, you can very well start trading.

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