NYXTrade Broker Review

Do you Wonder If NYXTrade is a Scam Broker or Legitimate?

NYXTrade may seem to have a snazzy website, but the details about this broker are less impressive. It lacked everything we needed to see in a reliable broker. They have no license and they don’t give a single name of a person who runs the company. There is a section that should have terms and conditions, but it’s only a disclaimer that is intended to protect the company, not the brokers.

We Think You Should Know a Few Things About NYXTrade

There are a few things on the NYXTrade website that are red flags of scam brokers. It has a very high minimum fee and offers fake bonuses. These bonuses are fake and regulated brokers can’t offer them. Clients who sign up for a plan that includes bonuses are often not allowed to withdraw their money until they have executed a large number of trades or have made a certain amount in returns. The reality, however, is that the client will never make money trading and won’t be allowed to withdraw their money. 

Here Are Some Reasons to Suspect NYXTrading Could Be a Scam Broker

  • Not licensed
  • Fake bonuses
  • Lack of transparency
  • Many negative reviews

Have You Lost Money to a Broker Scam? Talk to Us? 

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