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Maxizoptions Review:

MaxizOptions claims that it is one of the most secure platforms ever for trading in forex, crypto currencies, and binary options, with pay-outs as high as 96 percent. Another claim of the broker is that it is based in the U.S., and it offers one of the best trading services there. However, we found the detail about MaxizOptions claiming to be based in New Brunswick, USA and far as we know New Brunswick is still a part of Canada, one of the four Atlantic provinces on the east coast, just northeast of Maine, USA. Such discrepancies in the details of location are yet another indication that we might be dealing with the scammers.

The MaxizOptions broker’s website is virtually anonymous which does not mention the name of the company behind the broker, and as we also found that the post box address, they have provided is fake. MaxizOptions makes unrealistic promises about high and secure returns, which is another sign that this broker is no other than a scam. MaxizOptions says that its clients can make up to 96 percent profit within 30 seconds. This is mere a trap to get more traders registered for trading with them so that it can scam them.


Have you been scammed by Maxizoptions scam broker and lost your money to them? Do you know you have a good chance to get your lost funds back? A number of unregulated brokers like Maxizoptions have been reported to scam people. Broker Dispute helps victims of scam brokers to fight back and get their lost money back from scam brokers. Click ‘File a complaint’ button above to take your first step towards recovering your lost money to Maxizoptions scam broker.

We do not recommend to trade with Maxizoptions since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Our Maxizoptions Review will help you to know about this broker. Immediately withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them. Check the following listed activities of a scam broker. If you have witnessed any of the following then you probably have been victimized by a scam broker.

Signs of a scam

  • The broker blocked or froze your trading account all of a sudden
  • Without your knowledge, an amount was deducted from your account
  • The broker’s website can’t be opened
  • You call on the broker’s phone number and no one attends the call
  • The broker charged an amount from your bank account without your permission
  • The broker repeatedly asks you to deposit more money with guaranteed unbelievably high returns

A scam is done when a broker takes your money through unfair means and therefore there can be many more ways to scam innocent traders. Do not give up if you were scammed by Maxizoptions . We will help you to get your lost amount refunded. Please fill the form after you click ‘File a complaint’ button above and our experts will contact you and help you to start the process of your fund recovery.


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