Financex Broker Review

Do You Want to Know if Financex Is a Scam Broker or Legitimate?

FinanceX seems to be a reputable broker. It has a nice logo and plenty of articles about it. However, there is a version of FinanceX that seems to be fraudulent. It could be that Financex is a clone that is pretending to be a first-class broker with a solid reputation. However, the suspected scam FinanceX is a far cry from top-rated brokers. Instead, it has a third-rate license and has been flagged by major European regulators.

We Have Reasons to Be Suspicious About Financex

Financex has a license from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which means that it’s trustworthy, right? Actually not. This regulator offers very little oversight and isn’t actually regulating anything. Brokers can just pay a fee and get a license. Also, we should note Financex has been flagged by BaFin of Germany and the Austrian regulator FMA. There is never a reason to trust a broker like this. Instead, open an account with a trustworthy broker that has a license from a top regulator. 

Here Are Some Signs Financex Can Be a Scam Broker

  • Third-rate license
  • Suspected clone scam
  • No transparency
  • Flagged by BaFin and FMA
  • Negative reviews

What If I Have an Account with Financex? 

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