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Is BITTRAIN a scam broker?


The offshore forex and crypto broker BITTRAIN claims to provide one-stop solutions to the traders. It also features an automated money-making strategy and claims to gain ROI of 830+ %  on 11 trading accounts. Yes!, you read it right 11 trading account types!!! The minimum investment ranges from $100 to $250000. However, there is a lack of information on how it will achieve this milestone. The claims made by BITTRAIN look intriguing but traders must check the reality of such claims. Also, the owner of this firm wants to be anonymous. It is advised to follow this review to know this broker is a scam or not?


This broker claims to offer its own crypto-coins and also be regulated. However, these claims are false. The broker is residing in Albania. While researching the registry of all the financial regulatory authorities, including Albanian, we did not come across the name of this firm. It means BITTRAIN is not under the sight of any regulation and can cause harm to investor’s funds. In case if you want to communicate with this firm you have only one option that is via email. No genuine firm does that, instead, it offers several channels of communication, like chat and telephone, so that customers feel safe and secure.

The Operational Model of BITTRAIN is surrounded around the crypto-based Ponzi scheme. As the crypto trading bubble is surrounding the world before bursting. The BITTRAIN wants to make the most use of it. This broker emphasizes on Artificial Intelligence used by its trading platform for profit-making strategies. Eventually fails to provide any solid pieces of evidence.  The trading history, traders, employees, and also its owner is completely missing from the website.

The Return On Investment claimed by this broker is surprisingly lucrative. This broker will generate eight percentage of ROI every week and in two years this ROI will exceed eight hundred percentage. In this case, the owner must have used its own money and keep on gaining such intense profit over the years. Don’t you think so?

Also, if they are so sure about their AI’s super strategy, why there is a lack of a demo account? Several genuine forex and crypto brokers provide a demo account to their customers. It also provides Referral Program to its customers. This means they want as may as clients to be enrolled in their Ponzi scheme before declaring themselves bankrupt. This broker is well versed in online marketing and falls under expert scammer. It claims to offer a huge commission for each recruitment. In this case, current clients provide fake feedback and create unnecessary hype about this broker.  On the BITTRAIN’s website, a road map of prosperity is mentioned. This road map is totally vague and unrealistic.

Is BITTRAIN scam or legit?

In our vision, the BITTRAIN is a complete Ponzi scheme. The trading environment is not at all in accordance with the current market situation. Instead, they have several promises which can not be fulfilled. The offshore nature is also one of the reasons to call this a potential scam broker. This bubble will definitely be going to burst. Please avoid this potential scam.

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