Forex Trading Scams

Forex Trading Scams

Forex is one of the most exciting and vibrant markets with $3 trillion in transactions daily. However, where there is fast-paced trading, there is also volatility and risk. This is true of even legitimate forex trading. Added to this risk is the number of forex trading scams that rob customers of millions. Along with crypto scams, forex trading scams represent one of the biggest dangers in online trading. 

If you have lost money to a forex trading scam or a crypto scam it is important to report the incident to authorities and to seek the aid of a fund recovery company. One reason forex scams flourish is that too few victims are willing to report incidents. This reluctance can arise from a feeling of embarrassment or the defeatist feeling that fund recovery isn’t possible. However, not only is it possible, but likely to succeed with the right fund recovery service.

Broker Dispute experts have combined decades of experience investigating fraud and combating crypto scams and forex scams. We guide consumers and help clients who have been targeted forex scams. We refer clients to the best services that can assist them in the fund recovery process. Talk to Broker Dispute professionals today. 

Report a Scam

Have you lost money to a scam? You are not alone. Internet financial scams are on the rise and millions are lost daily fraud. You may have read stories about social media celebrity crypto scams and fake bitcoin investments. Many scammers think that cryptocurrency can’t be traced because the blockchain is believed to be anonymous. However, Broker Dispute professionals have methods of tracking down crypto scams.

Many people are also duped by brokers who take their money, create forex withdrawal problems, and then seem to have disappeared for good.

At Broker Dispute, we can track down scammers who hide behind the blockchain or brokers who try to vanish. We can achieve favorable results for our clients. While no service can give a 100% guarantee of full recovery of funds, our team has achieved impressive results.

If you have discovered a service you have been working with is fraudulent, whether it is a crypto service or a broker, it is essential to report them right away. Talk to Broker Dispute experts who will provide guidance on how to draft an effective crypto complaint or broker complaint. Act quickly, because online scammers can assume various identities and launder money fast. Broker Dispute professionals are ready to consult with you about filing a fraud complaint.

Before you report a scam, do the following:

  • Gather all documentation
  • Create a timeline
  • Find the relevant regulatory body

When you consult with Broker Dispute experts or if you are going to file a complaint directly with a regulator or authority, it is important to have all of the documentation you need. This includes all contracts, communication, screenshots of websites, and other information. Even small details can help identify the scammer. Create a timeline of events in your relationship with the other party.

Finally, find the right regulator for the complaint. This may be the regulator of the broker you have been working with. If your broker is not regulated, you will need to find an authority in the relevant region that takes care of cyber fraud.

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Our Service

Broker Dispute is laser-focused on protecting our clients from financial fraud and seeking restitution for those who have lost money or data in scams. Our team is comprised of experts in their field with top credentials and vast experience in the financial industry and dealing with fraud.

Our Service

We provide a full range of fund recovery services including chargeback, bitcoin recovery, wire recalls intelligence reports, crypto complaints, or broker complaints. We work with regulators, banks, and law enforcement to get the best results for our clients. Broker Dispute is a recognized name in the fund recovery services space and is a leader in tracking down crypto scams.

We consult with every client to answer their questions, address their concerns and provide guidance. Our experts take the personal approach and believe that every case is unique. If you are unsure whether or not to work with an online broker, consult with us for advice. If you have been the target of a forex scam, broker scam, or other types of fraud, we will do research, assist with reporting and strive to track down the scammers.

Our Experts

Broker Dispute has formed its effective team from various sectors of the financial industry and cyberfraud investigation services. We understand the mechanisms of crypto scams and how they use the blockchain as a way to mask their fraud. Our professionals have combined decades of experience consulting with clients, investigating cyber fraud, negotiating with banks, and cooperating with regulators and authorities to track down all types of fraud.

Every week, our experts combat a variety of fraudulent activity, including crypto scams, forex scams, broker scams, as well as romance fraud, social media scams, and fake charities. We personalize our service to create a perfect fit for every client. Not all cases are the same and we match the right strategy to the situation and goal.

Broker Dispute professionals maintain ongoing communication, from the initial consultation to the resolution of the dispute or the scam. We assist clients through the entire process and keep them informed of progress. If you need fund recovery experts who are truly on your side, contact Broker Dispute professionals.

What Are Forex Trading Scams?

Forex is short for “foreign exchange.” It refers to the trading of foreign currencies. People make money trading foreign currencies by predicting which currency will rise in value and which will fall. They trade currency pairs, such as UDS/EUR, or the U.S. dollar compared to the euro. This type of trading can seem as simple as being a tourist and exchanging money, waiting for the right time, and a good rate. 

However, forex trading is much more complex than simply changing money. The forex market moves much more rapidly than the stock market and this can make it difficult to predict. In addition, governments and institutional investors unexpectedly can buy up huge amounts of a particular currency or dump other types of currency on the market. 

For instance, multinational corporations may want to keep currency in their own countries of low to make their items seem cheap to global consumers so they can dump and buy currencies to affect these levels. This is called currency manipulation and although regulators try to prevent it, it still happens. Governments may try to keep their currencies low for a favorable balance of trade. 

This can make the forex market extremely volatile even for legitimate trading. Forex trading scams add to this risk. It is safe to say that anyone who wants to trade forex should proceed with caution.

Forex trading scams may or may not perform actual trades for clients. What they all do is take money from these clients by not releasing their funds or charging exorbitant fees. There are many types of forex trading scams, but they tend to have identifiable patterns that can reveal red flags early. The key is to know how to spot these red flags and to avoid forex trading scams. 

What Are the Warning Signs of Forex Trading Scams?

  • Unlicensed broker
  • Upfront fees and high fees
  • High minimum requirement to open an account
  • Incorrect or vague contact information
  • Lack of transparency and little information
  • Aggressive tactics to get clients
  • Few ways to contact the broker
  • Make excuses or refuses to release client funds
  • Stops communication

Some of these tips can’t be detected until clients already have given the broker money, but many of these red flags can be spotted early on. For instance, if a broker does not have a license, walk away. If the broker does have a license, inspect it to ensure that it is from a reliable, top-tier regulator, it is current, and that the license is not counterfeit. This can be done by contacting the regulator and looking at regulator reviews. 


The importance of regulation can’t be overestimated. A regulator provides oversight and accountability. If a forex broker behaves in a problematic way or if you have a broker dispute, a regulator can help resolve the situation, because the performance of their licensed broker reflects on them. 


Check the contact information on the broker’s website. If it is inaccurate, do not trade with them. You may find the names of the brokers are not given or the names sound fishy. There may also be very limited ways of contacting them–perhaps only an email. This is a reason to be cautious. 


A legitimate broker should provide full information about accounts, fees, trading platforms, and procedures. A lack of information is not a good sign. You should knot have to dig deep for this information. Many forex trading scams will tell clients that certain rules are in place, such as huge withdrawal fees, that were not clarified at the outset. At this point, the client feels they have to accept these high fees because their money is already being held hostage. 


Forex trading scam brokers tend to wax hot and cold. They may be very aggressive about getting clients at first, even giving people cold calls. They will give clients extravagant promises about huge returns. Then, once the client has opened an account and funded it, they may suddenly hear very little from their broker, except for new promises of lucrative trades and more requests to fund their account. 


When the client wants to withdraw money, the broker may give excuses or tell them that the next big move is coming and they should fund their account with more money. If the client does not express interest in this new deal, the broker may shut down communication. There are excused not to release funds until the broker just stops communicating and disappears with the funds. 

What Should You Do If You Have Been Affected by a Forex Trading Scam?

When you are dealing with a forex trading scam, it is important to file a broker complaint to the regulator and the authorities. In addition, seeking fund recovery early in the process is important. Consult with Broker Dispute professionals who can provide fund recovery guidance. 

Are You the Target of Fraud? Talk to Broker Dispute Experts

If you are a victim of crypto scams, forex trading scams or have a broker dispute, speak to Broker Dispute experts. We provide clients with solutions and will refer them to services that will help them with fund recovery. 

Fund Recovery Process

The Broker Dispute team has an approach that is systematic yet flexible to provide structure and personalized service for every client. We begin the fund recovery process by consulting with clients and asking for documentation and a description of their experiences with the fraudulent broker or service.

The goal of our consultations is information gathering and support. We know what questions to ask to get the informaation needed for the fund recovery process. Our experts also provide advocacy, which is a must in the fund recovery process.

It is easy to get lost in the maze when dealing with fraud cases. That is why it is important to find the best advocates when you have lost money. Broker Dispute will present your case in the most effective light and will be your advocate throughout the entire process.

After consultation, Broker Dispute experts will undertake various activities depending on the case including research into the fraudulent party, negotiating with banks, advocating for the client with regulators, and providing information to law enforcement. We will pursue your case and keep you informed of its progress.

Although there is no way to guarantee 100% that the fund recovery process will result in a complete return of funds to the client, your chances of success are greatly improved working with Broker Dispute. Our clients can testify that we provide personalized, focused service, a full range of services, and effective advocacy during the fund recovery process

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