TradeSparkle Broker Review

Do you Wonder If TradeSparkle Is a Scam Broker or Legitimate?

TradeSparkle has a nice and shiny name. It claims to have headquarters in 63 different countries and offers trading of forex and CFD. Not only could we confirm that TradeSparkle has this many locations, but we couldn’t confirm it has a license to offer brokerage services in even one area. We didn’t see any names of brokers or credentials to back up their claims–not to mention a license. So far, TradeSparkle doesn’t sound very impressive.

We Think You Should Know a Few Things About TradeSparkle

Its spreads and minimum fees are very high. It hasn’t done anything to convince us why they should be charging so much. In addition, a verified customer complained that TradeSparkle demanded commissions before they would allow a customer to make a withdrawal from their own account. Why couldn’t the broker have deducted the money from the withdrawal? Clearly, the broker just doesn’t want the customer to take any money out of their account. We bet there is no money there and that this is an ordinary broker scam. 

Here Are Some Reasons to Suspect TradeSparkle Could Be a Scam Broker

  • No license
  • False locations
  • Low website trust rating
  • Swiss police warnings
  • Lack of transparency
  • Many negative reviews

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