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TESSLINE Scam broker review

Tessline is an online broker which deals with investment and trading. It offers its clients several investment opportunities and get returns with no effort. Read the full review about this broker before you start to trade with this broker.

About Tessline

Tessline has indicated that they have around 135 Tessline investment teams selected from 30 countries who are ready to share their experience and ideas so that the traders can get the best results. The broker has an anonymous character and you should be very careful when investing with such brokers.

Tessline says that they are offering 200% return on the investment of traders without any effort. They boast of 200% results without any effort which really seems an amazing promise. But we have never found any concrete evidence of any person receiving 200% returns from the same brokerage.

They have the following types of plans which they are offering their investors.

  • Starter – $50 Deposit- 1.6% return in 1 month
  • Professional- $3000 Deposit- 2% return – 25 days
  • Rich- $15000 Deposit- 2.4% return in 55 days
  • VIP- $100,000 deposit- 200% in just 40 days.

The plans stated above are unusual as how can a broker offer 200% return by doing nothing?

The brokerage also offers 21% in its affiliate program where you will get 21% commission when you bring any customer to them to join.

Is Tessline legit or Scam broker?

We have seen a number of negative reviews and complaints about Tessline on social platforms like Twitter. One review says that- “Do not invest in Tessline. It is Ponzi scam. Please do research before putting your money in someone’s”s hands.”

Another Review in a different site says – “Tessline treated me with a lot of respect when I opened an account with them and I was relaxed at that time. They convinced me to deposit $45000 which showed good results at the start. But later I was not able to withdraw money and it vanished slowly from the account.”

Many financial regulators from different countries have issued warnings against Tessline broker and called the brokerage company as an unauthorized company. There is no information about the regulation of this broker and the original website of Tessline broker also seems to be down these days. This is a common tendency of scam brokers who take down their websites at frequent intervals and keep on changing domains. Keeping all these issues in mind we do not recommend trade with Tessline broker.

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