TEDEX Broker Review

Do you Wonder If Tedex is a Scam Broker or Legitimate?

Have you run across Tedex and considered opening an account? Just don’t! We have a whole laundry list of suspicions about this broker. First, its license comes from St. Vincent and the Grenadines–a place with very lax regulations. You can’t depend on this kind of broker to protect your interests if something goes wrong. We found no contact information for the people who run it. A lack of transparency isn’t a good sign. There is a lengthy list of terms of conditions, but most of these describe grossly unfair and high fees. 

We Think You Should Know a Few Things About Tedex

For instance, if an account is inactive for just 60 days, clients are charged 30% of the amount in their count. This is insane. If there is an inactivity fee at all, legitimate brokers may charge just $5 or $10. We are also struck by the dishonesty of this broker. They claim to have low spreads, but their pips can be as high as 3. Tedex also says clients have access to MetaTrader, but instead, we were sent to a web-based platform. Tedex is definitely not the right choice. 

Here Are Some Reasons to Suspect NYXTrading Could Be a Scam Broker

  • Third rate license
  • Inaccurate claims
  • Very high fees and spreads
  • Lack of transparency
  • Many negative reviews

Have You Lost Money to a Broker Scam? Talk to Us? 

Broker Dispute professionals are the people to contact if you suspect you’re dealing with a scam broker or another type of fraud. We have the expertise and the technical solution to unmask information about crypto scams. We will launch an investigation and create a report that will boost your claim and assist you with fund recovery.