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Is Markets Cube a scam broker?


The offshore forex broker MARKETS CUBE provides numerous trading accounts depending upon the minimum deposits. Despite you accept this approach is reasonable or not, there are more upsetting things about this organization. Peruse this scam broker review to see our assessment.


MARKETS CUBE permits you to do trading with the web-based platform called Sirix. At this stage, we are just positive about this broker. The conditions offered by Sirix are pleasant, however, the key selling purpose of this bundle is the accentuation on social trading. The benefits given at MARKETS CUBE are foreign exchange, several assets, and indexes. While we have seen a lot more extensive offers, this assortment will fulfill most traders. The payment options available on MARKETS CUBE consists of Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, all types of Credit Cards, also e-wallets like Skrill and more. This broker wants to acquire most of the Russian customers, however, a portion of traders are from around the world. The owner of MARKETS CUBE is Prisma Global LTD, an organization enrolled on the Marshal Islands. They don’t profess to be regulated by any financial authority and it is stressful. Doing business with such an entity conveys risk to the trader’s funds.

This broker doesn’t specify any basic deposits, however, traders are partitioned into a segmented according to account types. This difference between the various accounts deposit is somewhat high but is associated with an improved trading environment, the website claims. The spread of 1.5 pip is considered normal on the minimum deposit of $5,000. This provides not too bad expenses while trading with MARKETS CUBE. Also, along with the tight spreads, clients at MARKETS CUBE will get a high bonus. We want you to know about the terms associated with these bonuses. The term and condition say that “1 Lot” means 100000 points of MT4 can be exchanged for $5. And it is huge.  This is just applied to the reward sum and not the full speculation of trade, so experienced brokers may consider this to be an alright offer. All things considered, newcomers might be “caught” by this statement. MARKETS CUBE makes an excellent example of an unregulated offshore organization.

Is MARKETS CUBE scam or legit?

MARKETS CUBE is an unlicensed offshore forex and CFDs provider that does not offer reasonable trading conditions. Spreads are OK for the experienced traders and the reward offered may find some napping. These above-mentioned elements far exceed the positives we figured out about this broker. We can definitely put this broker in a potential scam brokers list.

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