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Is L7 TRADE a scam broker?


L7Trade is an offshore scam broker who deals only in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, Dash, NEM, IOTA, Monero, EOS, Zcash, Tether, VertCoin, Stellar, Verge, TitCoin, PotCoin, MazaCoin, NEO, AuroraCoin, NXT, PeerCoin, etc. The Alexa portal shows that the traffic on the scan broker’s website mainly comes from Russia, Venezuela, and Ukraine. From this, we can say that this Ponzi scheme is operated by a Russian firm. The website fails to provide any information about the owner of this scam broker. But offers substantial financial growth and other benefits to traders. Let’s see what this scam broker has to offers and check its trustworthiness.

About the L7Trade:

The L7Trade is apparently a scam broker because there are many things that are unanswered. To start with, the company is unregistered and unlicensed. This scam broker alleges to achieve an immensely high Return On Investment of 4% per day. To do so, the trader must invest a minimum of 0.02 BTC that is roughly $250. Again, the L7Trade website is claiming to the fact that they are online trader, but in reality, it runs a Ponzi scheme of taking money from new investors and giving it to old customers. Also, the scam broker alleges to feature unique investment plans. L7Trade falls flat on this claim as it does not have any investment plans on its website. L7Trade provides exclusive Referral Return On Investment plan of 21 % on whatever earned by the partner or recruit. The L7Trade offers payment and withdrawal methods by all well-known platforms. It also offers a free of cost crypto wallet. These are the best selling points of L7Trade. The positive reviews, comments, and feedbacks available on all websites, social media, youtube are either paid or fake.

Traders have complained several times about website blackout, denial of login and crashing of website. This is the best practice for any scam broker. On trying to access the account we found that the site seems to be totally down and showing under maintenance massage. We don’t have any clue about whereabouts of L7Trade and its owners.

Is L7Trade legit or scam?

First of all, the condition under this scam broker is operating is unsafe and suspicious because of its unlicensed and unregulated nature. Also, the broker provides its service only on cryptocurrencies, that is a real drawback. The complaints of traders are genuine and aggressively support customer dissatisfaction. All the above are the practices of a well-versed Ponzi scam broker. That being said, avoid this scam broker at all costs. Instead, invest your hard-earned money on regulated and licensed brokers for the better fortune. 

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