JC Fulton Alliance broker Review

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If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker to invest your money with, you might have come across JC Fulton Alliance, a Tokyo-based financial services firm that claims to offer professional management and active investment excellence. However, before you sign up with them, you should be aware of the red flags and risks associated with this broker.

JC Fulton Alliance is not a regulated broker. This means that they are not authorized or supervised by any reputable financial authority, such as the FCA in the UK, the ASIC in Australia, or the SEC in the US. This also means that they do not have to comply with any rules or standards regarding client protection, fund segregation, anti-money laundering, or dispute resolution.

JC Fulton Alliance has a very poor online reputation. There are many negative reviews and complaints from customers who have lost money or had trouble withdrawing their funds from this broker. Some of them even accuse JC Fulton Alliance of being a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Moreover, there are several warnings and alerts from other websites and forums about the fraudulent nature of this broker.

JC Fulton Alliance does not provide any verifiable information about their company history, team, location, or contact details. Their website is very basic and lacks any transparency or credibility. They do not disclose their trading conditions, fees, spreads, leverage, platforms, or instruments. They also do not provide any proof of their performance or results.

If you have already invested with JC Fulton Alliance and want to get your money back, you might face some difficulties and challenges. The broker might ignore your requests, delay your withdrawals, charge you hidden fees, or ask you for more deposits. In some cases, they might even block your account or disappear altogether.

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