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InvestTeck Scam broker Review

InvestTeck is an illicit Contract for Differences, Forex as well as Crypto-Currency broker which was introduced in 2018 by Green River OU with the registration in Estonia. The name of the owner of the firm is intentionally missing from the website. Read this full review of the broker before you decide to start trading with the broker.

About Investteck

Since commencement, the firm started deceiving its innocent venture capitalists with atonement everyone who signs up for their services.  The hustler’s motive is invariably to acquire a multitude of the population to sign up ahead bankruptcy. This same principle is used by Invest Teck accompanied by their fraudulent website and mobile-based application. The firm is profiting from barren advertisements that rookie investors are effortlessly tumbling upon. The registration of the firm is not confirmed by any of the authorities either in EU or around the globe. Also it seems the firm doesn’t have any regulatory authority who can overlook their financial operations.

On affirming their website this firm exhibits binary platforms. Computer-based and mobile-based platform with this mechanism affiliates trades with. Eventually, these platforms were incompatible with many devices and provided unstable performance. Such an interface is vulnerable to cybercrime and data theft.

The firm offered 5 subscription packages for trading. These are Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages. The minimum deposit of $250 for Basic and $ 500,000 for the Diamond account. But the catch was all the above-mentioned packages had some perks. Why someone will pay more for the same services?? Question arises.

The important element of any trading facility is the withdrawal of hard-earned profit with ease. But InvestTeck with its scamming nature dramatically failed to do so. For the deposition of funds, the depositor can avail services from n number of channels from Credit Card to Wire Transfer with others. But for the withdrawals, the trader needs to reach specific trading volumes to gain access of withdrawals. Also, that trading volume limit is as humongous as it can be.  

Is Invest Teck a scam or legit broker?

All this undoubtedly indicate that the InvestTeck is a specialist fraud enterprise that is duping online investors. Utmost piece of act one can do is avert from this company and never enlist on its website. As a preventive measure transfer companies entire mails to Spam. Also, never entertain such companies advertising and marketing agents.

Material documentation allows us amidst merely solitary choice, to include this financier to scam blacklist. Lend your hard-earned capital to expert and thoroughly regulated financier.

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