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Is Ferpay sp. z o.o. a scam broker?

Have you been scammed by Ferpay sp. z o.o. scam broker and lost your money to them? Do you know you have a good chance to get your lost funds back? A number of unregulated brokers like Ferpay sp. z o.o. have been reported to scam people. Broker Dispute helps victims of scam brokers to fight back and get their lost money back from scam brokers. Click ‘File a complaint’ button above to take your first step towards recovering your lost money to Ferpay sp. z o.o. scam broker.

We do not recommend to trade with Ferpay sp. z o.o. since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Our Ferpay sp. z o.o. Review will help you to know about this broker. Immediately withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them. Check the following listed activities of a scam broker. If you have witnessed any of the following then you probably have been victimized by a scam broker.

Signs of a scam

  • The broker blocked or froze your trading account all of a sudden
  • Without your knowledge, an amount was deducted from your account
  • The broker’s website can’t be opened
  • You call on the broker’s phone number and no one attends the call
  • The broker charged an amount from your bank account without your permission
  • The broker repeatedly asks you to deposit more money with guaranteed unbelievably high returns

A scam is done when a broker takes your money through unfair means and therefore there can be many more ways to scam innocent traders. Do not give up if you were scammed by Ferpay sp. z o.o. . We will help you to get your lost amount refunded. Please fill the form after you click ‘File a complaint’ button above and our experts will contact you and help you to start the process of your fund recovery.