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Is ETC Markets a scam broker?


Once again, traders are becoming victims at the hands of a scam broker. This time ETC Markets, a company that claims to be a cryptocurrency exchange firm was intentionally perfect for naive-traders who are not experts on cryptocurrency. The broker gains the trust of those poor traders because Etc-Markets recruit an Expert Advisor regarding your investment.

About ETC Market

Etc-Market is an unregulated broker. It is located in No. Bahnhofstrasse 100, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland. It hasn’t authorized to operate in any regulated country. It assures for low-risk and high return. Such mouth-watering cheap offers were earlier implemented by another scam brokers too.

Also, they guarantee their loyal traders for withdrawal at any time they want but at the time of withdrawal, they’ll ask 30% extra charge(later it was exposed).

Reasons why ETC Markets should consider to be a scam

 ● The company is neither registered or regulated by any authority. They claim to have been existing since 2012 but the domain registration shows is on 01-08-2019— the claim certainly is a big lie.

● The financial services and markets Authority (FSMA) has issued a warning against ETC-Markets— because the victims to find themselves were unable to recover their money. ●

ETC Market freeze money without giving any prior notice to the traders. Somehow, they manage to deduct money without the trader’s consent, isn’t it horrible? ●

Traders are no way getting help from anyone at blockchain or ETC. ●

They charged unusual tax to the traders. ●

 Disgusting customer service – Agents will keep you calling until you invest.

After all, these people are just trying to lure you to invest.

 Now the site has been removed. Earlier in the site, there occurred system-error – If you don’t pay taxation for withdrawal, later your account will be closed— a chilly trick to cheat loyal traders.

What outcome we have right now?

Right now, we’re much aware that Etc-Market is a total scam— they will take your money and disappear. Therefore, we would recommend investing in a registered trader which is regulated by a well-known financial authority. One thing that the people related to the ETC-market has not revealed yet but it looks sure enough that they are trying to become cryptocurrency billionaire through their expert advisors.

We have seen several claims of scams done by ETC broker and therefore we suspect that ETC markets can be a scam cryptocurrency broker and your funds can be at risk.